About Guitar Boot Camp...

Practice, practice, practice, practice....

That is what makes a great musician on ANY instrument. Since the Guitar has been rated as THE hardest instrument to learn to play, practice time is doubly important.

When you are starting out though, you don't usually know WHAT to practice.

Guitar Boot Camp is here....

You will find Guitar Boot Camp on the bottom of every page of the site. Each day you get a NEW lesson and that lesson will appear on every page, that day. After midnight, you get a new lesson.

These lessons will show you the basics. Chords, Scales, Patterns....

Spend ten to fifteen minutes each day practicing your daily lesson. Practice landing the chord forms with your fingers, practice switching back and forth between the chords (very important!). Practice the scales.

Yes, I know, music is much more than just chord patterns and scales BUT... scales and landing/switching chords are the backbone of the music you will create. Come on... you can't break the rules until you know what the rules are, right??

If you already are a master of that days lesson, you can click the "Change Lesson" link and it will give you a NEW lesson that will follow you around all day long...until Midnight EST-ish.

Now, pick up your axe and GO PLAY!!!!

The SiTe NeRd
(Perlmonger in the forums)

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